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Hi Angela,

I've heard and read much about Amazon/Booksurge, and have been totally ticked-off about the situation. Finally today, as planned earlier, requested Amazon close my account. In the e-mailed request, signed off as / Disappointed POD Author and Book Buyer/

And, I won't do business with any company that suckers up to their monopolizing demands.

Appreciate you staying on top of everything and keeping others informed. Thanks.

Kindest regards,


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Hi Angela,

This may not be significant to many, but it was enough for us to switch to LSI. Titles printed by Booksurge are only available on Amazon in the USA and UK. They do NOT appear on the Canadian, French, German or Japanese Amazon sites.

The last three, well... ok. But Canada?!?

Thanks for fighting!


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Hi Angela,

Great column/s as always and great information for us writers and other word professionals. Your update on Amazon is very precise and also a fascinating read re: greed.

Keep causing trouble.


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Take a look at their history. When Amazon first plopped its foot on this planet, nobody thought their business model could make it because they were reaching too far for their grasp. What people didn't realize was, they were prepared for long term loss in order to make even longer term, really huge gains. Kindle is one of several steps in their goal to control all e-publishing. BookSurge will allow them to take over POD publishing. Soon all the independents will be gone, and authors will either do it Amazon's way or else.

I'll take the else. I don't believe in slavery.

-Name not published on request

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Ang -

Thanks for the alert about Amazon's power play with POD people.

I support your position 100%, for what it's worth. Amazon is forgetting a critical fact: they compete in a global market in which competitor websites are only one mouse click away. I was going to buy over $150 in technical books from Amazon this weekend, but now B&N or Border's will get my business and all my book business from now on. Click -- $0 for Amazon.

Another thing Amazon forgets: word about unfair business practices spreads quicker than ever before because of the worldwide web. I believe the backlash from this thing is going to hurt Amazon significantly for a long time. Who are they screwing over? Authors and those who support their work! Who in this world is best equipped to mount an offensive when the weapons of that warfare are words? Authors! Amazon picked a fight with one of the worst groups to oppose. Amazon would have fared better if they instead had smacked a hornet's nest with a baseball bat.

One thing I admire and respect about Booklocker is that you folks always look for the win-win solution: you are not out to screw anyone. In my book, that's the only way to do business. Amazon needs to learn what integrity is.


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Somebody please check my logic. On every one of our Amazon listings, there are a dozen retailers right below that willing to sell you a copy of one of our books, frequently below the Amazon price. So what's the big deal. Just say no and let Amazon browsers get them from the New & Used dealers. In the meantime, all our bookstore listings, which were pointed at Amazon, will now be pointed at

David Collins WingSpan Press

PS. Why won't Publishers Weekly post the Amazon/BS contract? And has Authorhouse really caved? Is everybody scared to death of these people? Is anyone really making a 'stand' or will everyone just bitch for a while then say 'we had no choice.' That's how tyrants come to power in the first place.

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Hi Angela -

I enjoyed the latest updates on the Amazon/Booksurge story. Thanks for keeping us all informed!

About the BUY button turnoffs. I have published several books with PublishAmerica who told Amazon they would not be using Booksurge and the BUY buttons to my books (and all PublishAmerica books)were actually turned off on March 28th. I don't know what will happen with the rest of the world, but I've taken their links off my webpages and am only using B&N as my recommended source. They, too, offer free shipping over $25 and seem to keep my books in stock.

Have a nice day,

Susan Eileen Walker

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You and your readers may not like the analogy, but here it is: Amazon is herding the authors and publishers into three separate pens using cattle prods and other strong arm tactics like any hazer working for a cattle processor would do. On several lists to which I belong, you actually have some of the more docile cows saying this isn't so bad, look at all these feeders full of bright yellow corn. Sure, Amazon's offering free setups for books already listed, and sure, they've raised their royalty from 25 to 35 percent. Lots of corn there...for now...but when that's all gone, when the gate is locked and there's no escape, there's a clause in the contracts with their BookSurge and CreateSpace clients that states they can change the terms anytime they want to and you poor hungry cows can't do a thing about it.

How much will it cost publishers who agree to their racketeering now to leave BookSurge in protest later? Amazon is counting on their unwillingness to spend thousands of dollars to leave at all. Now, whether they're rounding up these cows for milking or for outright slaughter is anyone's guess, but I'm thinking it's a lot of both.

Now, to my way of thinking as the editor of Jigsaw Press, the grass might look a little thin on the open range right now, but once the rain stops and the sun comes out, the grazing's going to be mighty lush. As long as you're not stuck in one of Amazon's pens.

Mari Bushman

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Sadly authors and publishers have brought this calamity onto themselves by viewing Amazon as the place they must be. I have championed "any place but Amazon" for years to no avail, but perhaps that should be the new mantra. As a reader, I spend about $100 a year at Amazon and well over $5,000 at Barnes & Noble. I prefer to give my money to B&N because without B&N, the only place left for most people would be Amazon (especially as Borders was an Amazon store and is now on the block and is financially sinking). There is nothing worse than no competition. That's alos a good reason, by the way, to NOT buy and support Amazon's Kindle. I went for the Sony Reader because I don't want Amazon dictating the ebook market as it does the print market.

I wish you good luck.


Richard H. Adin
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Hi Angela,

Got the same thing sent to me about Amazon's BookSurge positive image. Also read your latest blog report... The Big Three are going to cave.... just like they did when Amazon told them to raise their retail prices or else. I'd really be surprised if any of the Big Three -expect for PublishAmerica-does stand up to Amazon.

This might be the time for all the Free PODers out there to start their own online bookstore. Something to think about... Could be the David to take down the Goliath.

Keep up the good work.


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Hi Angela,

Good work on blowing the whistle on these boneheads. I can't imagine what they're thinking. Stick to your guns; we don't need them. I've bought tons of stuff from Amazon in the past, but I'm changing my links and will never buy another item from them again.

I queried the Authors Guild to see what, if anything, they are planning, and the response is below. The AG has not been a fan of Amazon since Amazon started selling used books alongside new books on the site, and long ago encouraged AG members to switch their links to B&N. They will be looking at this "from all angles" and, I'm sure, join in the fight in whatever way is appropriate. I'll send you their official position when I get it.

Hope you're doing well, pal.

All best,


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Hey Ang, Richard!

I am literally in a daze. What is this some form of "literary terrorism?" What legal repercussion can we bring to bear?

Better yet, how can we show Amazon the financial futility of their actions?

I am all for focusing my marketing efforts on "other" online booksellers.

My vote is that disenfranchised authors and self-publishers relocate their books to Make Booklocker the new Amazon.

You could do it. I know you could.

Keep up the stellar work!

Best Regards,

Rik Feeney
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Altamonte Springs, FL 32716
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coachrik (at)

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Hi Angela

As an opinionated independent UK bookdealer I tend to follow the ongoing manner in which Amazon is enforcing terms and conditions on their suppliers. Thankfully I have had the good sense never to list, either directly or indirectly, on Amazon : and thankfully have never purchased anything from them.

I think that your readers should be aware that has in recent months withdrawn the 'Buy New' button here on "hard print" titles, the best documented case was with independent publishers Bloomsbury. It was several days before the 'Buy New' button was re-instated : neither publisher nor Amazon gave a printable quote to the trade press stating why the 'Buy New' button was withdrawn or re-instated.

At the time Benazir Bhutto "Reconciliation" was published the 'Buy New' button mysteriously disappeared on Amazon, only to be re-instated two days later with AZ discount increased to 50%. I am unaware of any direct press comments - on the bookworld grapevine it was referred to a "just a little technical glitch" (believe that if you want).

In my opinion, Amazon is a dangerous predator and needs to be treated as such.

Best regards
Clive Keeble

Keeble Antiques
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United Kingdom

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A quality, friendly and prompt service with fast delivery

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