July 20, 2005

Ask The Expert For July 20th

I Want To Start An Ezine...

I have a question you might be able to use in the Ask the Expert section of your newsletter.

"I want to start a newsletter focusing on health topics. What's the easiest way to begin a newsletter? Is working with Yahoo groups or Zinester a wise idea? And since I know I should have a website devoted to back articles, do I need to set this up separately or do the newsletter sites supply you with a decent webpage? I really admire your newsletter and website and just wondered what you've learned over the years in developing your newsletter."

Kim Button
buttonkim (at)

There's too much advice to offer in one email on...which is why I wrote a book on the topic. ;)


Lousy Excuse To Steal From A Writer...

Dear Angela:

At first, let me tell you that I love your newsletter.

I need your help with a situation.

I have been writing a column for six months for an online magazine. Last year, I received my first payments. But now, they don't want my column anymore, because I don't have a social security number, (because I don't live in the USA).

They did not send me the payments of the last 3 months, and now, they don't reply my emails. They owe me for an additional 3 months of columns.

I have a contract.

They offered you a job. You did the work. They need to pay you. It's not against the law for a U.S. company to hire a freelancer in Argentina. It is against the law in the U.S. to hire someone and not pay them.

My opinion is they're looking for an excuse for free work. If the reason was you not having a social security number, they'd have never have sent you any payments at all.

The United States employs economic and other sanctions to pressure certain countries into discontinuing their support for terrorism. However, Argentina is not on that list. Countries on that list include: Afghanistan, Cuba, Iran, Iraq, Libya, North Korea, Sudan and Syria

You can read more about embargos against terrorism sponsoring countries at:


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