November 07, 2007

Letters To The Editor For November 7th

The Tour of the Hoy House

I enjoy all of WritersWeekly, but especially enjoyed the first article about working and managing. I felt I was right there, taking the tour.



"Vote For My Book!" Contests May Hurt Your Credibility...and Your Pocketbook


Earlier this year (one of my relatives) wrote a non-fiction book published by (a major trade publisher). Every now and then readers of her newsletter (which includes us) are told she is up for some contest or possible award and, if we felt like it out of the goodness of our hearts, would we mind nominating hers?

This strikes me as pandering and being out right wrong.

Thank you for taking a stand.


Great Halloween Idea From a Children's Book Author!

Hi Ang,

I promised you a follow-up to my experiment - "BOOKMARK 2007"

As you might recall, I thought Halloween would be an especially good opportunity for authors of children's book and/or a science fiction fantasy books, to reach a very specific audience by designing and handing out a bookmark. As with all things in life there are two sides to every story. My experience is no different.

For many - the proof to this venture would be found in the pudding. So, I will deal with this lot now ... This morning my website registered two hundred new hits over the norm... and checking with my publisher, I sold a number of books from this area alone.

So, in many ways the venture was a financial success. Surprisingly, however, this is not what I want to share with you. Instead, I discovered something else about handing out bookmarks, which is even more important than selling books.

I assume that, like myself, many authors have a tendency to be very cerebral about life, especially those of us who write fantasy. How easy it is for me to sit in a coffee shop, my fingers tapping away on a laptop, comfortably disengaged from those that surround me. After all I am writer ... I need my space .... Thank-You very much!

So, with that said, I have to ask myself ..."What in the world possessed me, to come up with an idea to hand out bookmarks at Halloween?" Maybe - too much coffee!

Nevertheless, I rose to the occasion, printed them up, and with a stiff upper lip, looked up from a laptop-based reality and gazed into the eyes of neighborhood children who will eventually read my work. WOW!! Talk about humbling! ... Try talking with an eleven-year-old about his or her expectation of an author.

What an exhilarating experience ... handing out bookmarks on Halloween... Forced to connect with a reader.

Life is good my friend

Many Hugs,

Author of the Jayben Treat Mystery Series



Hello, Angela,

I am a high school teacher from Minnesota. I am absolutely fed up with term paper mills, and will not stand idly by any longer. I have started a campaign to get term paper mills banned in all of the social bookmarking sites that are popular with young people and students. Term paper mills are now reaching millions more students per month than they did a couple of years ago because of new, social bookmarking sites like,, and that allow term paper mill links.

Please help me to get term paper mills and plagiarism sites banned. I have already succeeded in getting some major sites to ban term paper mills, but I could really use your help. I would sincerely appreciate it if you would distribute information about my campaign to your readers.


Thank you,


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