May 03, 2006

Paying Markets And Freelance Jobs For May 3rd


These are NOT recycled guidelines. only features original market listings, received from and approved by the editors at each publication.

Aruba Nights, Bonaire Nights, Curacao Nights, St. Maarten Nights and Island Gourmet, 1831 Blvd. Rene Levesque West, Montreal, P. Quebec H3H 1R4, Canada. P(514)931-1987. F(514)931-6273. Email: Website: Sonya N. Nikadie, Editor. 85% freelance. "Lifestyle & travel magazines with an editorial focus that targets the visitor who is already on the island. Includes stories on activities, dining, shopping, history, and culture. Distributed free-of-charge throughout each respective location." Welcomes new writers. Circ. Bonaire Nights 60K; others 155K. Annual (December). Pays on acceptance. Publishes ms 10-12 months after acceptance. Buys first Caribbean and N.A. rights. No reprints. Responds 1 month. Sample $5 (US) payable to Nights Publications, Inc. No SASE required. Subscription not available. Guidelines by email.
CURRENT NEEDS: "Fresh treatments of familiar destination topics: Activities, Nightlife, Shopping, Entertainment, Dining; Lifestyle stories on colorful local people who readers can meet, or whose art or contributions to island life readers can enjoy firsthand." Pays $100-$250 for 300-750 words. Submit cover letter with complete ms by Email.
PHOTOS/ART: Indicate photo availability with cover letter. Pays $50 per photo.
HINTS: "Writers should focus on a particular theme or activity rather than general overviews. Be descriptive, fluid, and friendly in your writing, and remember that your reader is already on vacation there!"

Back Home In KentuckyWritersWeekly was notified by the publisher on 9/7/10 that they are no longer accepting manuscripts of any kind.

Back To College, P.O. Box 2001, Fullerton, CA 92837. Website: D. Rickerd, Editor. 75% freelance. "News and information ezine for adults returning to college." Welcomes new writers. Approximately 65K unique visitors per week. Weekly. Pays 30 days after publication. Usually publishes ms within 30 days of acceptance. Buys first serial and on-going non-exclusive rights. Occasionally accepts reprints. Responds within 30 days if accepted. Sample articles online. Subscription free. Guidelines online at: and
CURRENT NEEDS: "Queries." Pays flat fee of $50-$75 for 1250-1500 words depending on length; $30.00 for reprints. Submit online per electronic form. No email queries. Only accepts electronic submissions through their website at the guidelines URL above.
PHOTOS/ART: Digital photo of writer requested.
HINTS: "Common mistakes include submitting queries that do not follow our requested guidelines and submissions that do not fit our editorial needs."

CollegeBound Teen Magazine, 1200 South Avenue, Suite 202, Staten Island, NY 10314. P(718)761-4800. F(718)761-3300. Email: Website: Gina LaGuardia, Editor-in-Chief; Dawn Papandrea, Managing Editor; Robyn Tellefsen, Assistant Editor. 75% freelance. "College Bound Magazine is written for high school students by college students (or those young at heart) to give them an edge in the college admissions process and beyond." Welcomes new writers. Circ. 90K for regional editions; 725K for biannual national edition. 26 issues/year. Pays within 30 days of publication. Publishes ms 3-4 months after acceptance. Buys first rights. Responds 6-8 weeks. Sample for SASE with $2.21 postage. Subscription controlled (distributed free to high schools); $15 for individuals. Guidelines online at and or by mail with SASE.
CURRENT NEEDS: "We're looking for very specific, well-thought-out ideas and unique angles on college-bound issues including admissions, financial aid, and college life. No general 'how to get into college' pieces, please." Pays $100-$125 for features of 800-1200 words; $50-$75 for shorter departmental pieces; depending on length and research required. Submit cover letter, query and clips or writing samples by mail with SASE.
HINTS: "Think teen-friendly, college-bound advice. Take the tone of an older sibling who is giving their younger brother/sister 'straight-up' advice, while also incorporating expert insight."

Discipleship Journal, P.O. Box 35004, Colorado Springs, CO 80935. Email: Website: Sue Kline, Editor (feature articles); Dianne Bundt, Associate Editor (DJ Plus articles). 85% freelance. "Our mission is to help believers develop a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ and to provide practical help in understanding the Scriptures and applying them to daily life and ministry." Welcomes new writers. Circ. 100K. Bimonthly. Pays on acceptance. Publishes ms 6-24 months after acceptance. Buys first, electronic and anthology rights. Accepts reprints. Responds 4-6 weeks. Sample for large, prepaid SASE. Subscription $23.97; $29.97 Canada; $54.97 other. Guidelines online at and
CURRENT NEEDS: "Teaching articles on topics related to growing as a Christian." Pays $0.25/word for features of 1000-3000 words and DJ Plus articles of 150-450 words. Submit query per their writer's guidelines at the link above.

The Dollar Stretcher, P.O. Box 14160, Bradenton, FL 34280. P(941)761-7805. F(941)761-8301. Email: Website: Gary Foreman, Editor. "Practical ways to save time and money." 100% freelance. Welcomes new writers. Circ. 20K. Monthly. Pays on acceptance. Publishes ms 2-6 months after acceptance. Buys multiple use print rights. Accepts reprints. Responds 90 days. Sample by mail. Subscription $24; $31.50 Canada; $36.00 other. Guidelines by mail or by email to and online at and
CURRENT NEEDS: "All manner of time and money saving articles." Pays $0.10/word for 500-750 words. Submit complete ms by email to marked "hardcopy submission".
HINTS: "Readers already have a desire to save money. They don't need to be convinced that it's a good idea. They need practical ways to save time and money."


Copy Editor Needed - Pays $20-$25/hour
SPC Custom Publishing

Freelance Writers - Pays $50-$1000
Mood Indico

Freelance Writers - requires free registration to view job
Fortune 500 corporate magazine

Freelance Ag Writer - involves travel in Northwest Iowa, Southwest Minnesota, and Southeast South Dakota.

Freelance Grantwriter - TV Project
blind ad

Freelance Writers - with celebrity contacts
blind ad

Freelance Entertainment News Reporter - "reality TV junkie"
television news website

Freelance Writer/Editor
small company doing statistical analysis for public safety and public health agencies

Freelance Writer - Pays $20-$30/hour

Freelance Business Writer
Vault Inc.

Freelance Copy Writer
software start-up

Freelance Copy Editor
The Real Deal

Freelance Entertainment Writer

Freelance Book Reviewer - Pays $100

Freelance Desktop Publisher - Pays $12-$15/hour

Freelance Technical and Marketing Copywriter

Freelance Congressional Stringer
Cygnus Business Media

Freelance Medical Writer

NYC Politics Freelancers
blind ad

Freelance Writers
Clement Communications, Inc.


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