May 11, 2005

Publisher's Desk For May 11th

~A large book with a crude square cut out of the pages...~
That's what the contestants in the Spring 24-Hour Short Story Contest had to work with and the stories were great! Congrats to all 85 winners! You can read the entire contest topic, the top three winning stories, and the prize list here:

Congrats to the top three winners!

1st Place - I Thought I Was Happy But Now I Get to Eat Bacon
Cheeseburgers on Friday Nights by Elda Martinez, Austin, TX

2nd Place - Fair Game by Molly Wright, Columbia, MO

3rd Place - Helmut and Marigold by Chris Haraway, Las Vegas, NV

~Summer Contest Already 37% Full!~
The Summer 24-Hour Short Story Contest, which is still three months away, is filling up! Participation is limited to 500 entrants, so don't delay! You can see a list of prizes and sign up here:

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Mark's book, The Fine Print, analyzes the contracts and services of 73 POD and ebook publishers. Read more here:

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