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DO THEY WANT MY BOOK TO FAIL?! When Traditional Publishers Treat New Authors Like (Bleep) By Anonymous

WHO Are YOU? Choosing a Pseudonym for Maximum Impact...and Sales! By Deborah Jeanne Sergeant

Writing Without Your Office By Melissa Mayntz

We're Out Of Features!

The Rule of 5 for Writers By William Ballard

HOW TO SELL OUT AT BOOK SIGNINGS! What's the Most Important Tool in Your Arsenal? By W.W. Brock

You're Big Enough For Your Own Website By Eric D. Goodman

I Highly Recommend Self Publishing! Here's My Experience By Deborah Jeanne Sergeant

Write to Excite! Let Your Enthusiasm Excite Editors and Readers. By Christine Laws

Nautical Notes: Boating Magazines That Welcome Freelancers Aboard By Cyndi Perkins

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