10 Golden Rules and How I Broke Them (How to Break the Rules and Make It as a Magazine Writer). by Bob Freiday

10 Golden Rules and How I Broke Them (How to Break the Rules and Make It as a Magazine Writer).

by Bob Freiday

173 pages
Valuable tips on how one pro writer makes big sales.

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About the Book

Getting dizzy from reading all the "do's" and "don'ts" of successful freelance writing? Your head spinning from all these "rules" many so-called "experts" keep throwing at you from every direction?

Rules, says author Bob Freiday, are meant to be broken. You don't always want to break them or to break them indiscriminately- but if you learn (from this book) when it's appropriate, it can DRASTICALLY increase your chances of selling articles, DRASTICALLY increase the potential for REPEAT SALES, and boost your overall performance as a freelance writer. More importantly for those writers who are just starting out, BREAKING THE RULES can also knock down barriers to the editors' suites and put you firmly on the road to truly MAKING IT as a magazine writer.

Every rule in this book is one that many so-called "experts" (people who think they know what they're talking about) tell you are "golden" and should be respected and never broken-- but Freiday insists he has repeatedly broken every rule in the book, and that it has been the key to his success in selling OVER 750 ARTICLES to MORE THAN FIFTY PUBLICATIONS in his 15+ years as a freelance business journalist, editor and writer.

Here are some of the "Golden Rules" of freelance writing that author Bob Freiday turned his back on and threw to the wind in the development of his successful writing business.

Want to get more freelance writing assignments? Want to increase your writing income? Are you willing to break some rules to get what you want? Are you an aspiring writer who's simply confused by all the rules and just how, exactly, you're supposed to "crack" the seemingly uncrackable magazine markets?

Then this book is for you! You will learn how to either jump start your young, fledgling writing career, or boost your sales and income if you're already an established writer.

To become a real pro-- order this book NOW!!


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About the Author

Bob Freiday has been a business journalist and writer for more than 15 years. He's published over 750 articles in more than 50 publications. He was a Contributing Editor at Inbound Logistics Magazine (Thomas Publishing Co., New York, N.Y.) and a Field Editor for Prentice-Hall's Bureau of Business Practice and Simon & Schuster's Business & Professional Publishing division. He also is past Executive Editor of the Velvet Specials and The Best of Velvet (Eton-Vanity Publishing Co., New York, N.Y.). Originally from New Jersey, he now resides and works out of Ft. Myers, FL.


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